What is textile upcycling?

It is creative way of transforming the unwanted textile materials that are not used anymore and most probably they would be trashed, into the clothes that you will love. Thank to this attitude we create ecological and sustainable fashion which do not harm the environment and in addition is totally unique.

Our clothes are Great, because it is:

1.UNIQUE: We can garant you, that thank to our creative work you will be unique - every piece of our production exist just one. We combine upcycling, elegance and extravagance, that will make you shine.

2. SUSTAINABLE: The material we use may be the unwanted designer's pieces of clothes, not used pieces of fabrics from tailoring community or second-hands. Our hands will transform it into pieces of clothes you will never find in the fast fashion shops. We try to make it all in the green way and to persue you, that to be stylish and eco-friendly in the same time is possible.

3. READY TO WEAR: In order to protect the nature we refuse to use the chemical ways of cloth cleaning. We want to make you sure that despite of the fact that not all fabrics come from the same resource, it is always very carefully selected and cured by eco-friendly detergents which are also friendly to the material itself and your skin.