The story has started a long time ago...

Mum Eva is a professional tailor. She is very creative and precise but she lost her passion to sew a long time ago, because to follow one's exact imagination while clothes creation is complicated. Therefore, she has decided to leave this job but her fashion passion was stronger and she started to work for one large fast fashion brand. We were in love with every piece of cloth that she bought in that store.
" We are mum and daughter who have decided to follow our dreams."

Sometimes she used to think about the good old days, when she did what she loved the most - when she was following her own imagination and sewed the clothes for her little daughter. Those were absolutely unique models, that used to catch people's eyes on streets and she also used to win the sewing competitions in children's clothes category.

We have tried to persue her that it would be a pitty not to develop her talent and just trash her great skills and precision and purchase the fast fashion which practically means wearing the same clothes as others. But every time we have tried to persue her to re-start sewing, she has finished the debate with negative answer. But we used to talk a lot about the "true cost" of clothes and impacts of fast fashion on our planet. Formerly, we used to shop in second-hands because more unique pieces of clothes might be found there, those you are not able to buy in fast fashion shops.

Unfortunately, the fast fashion literally ruined the second-hands as well as small tailors. The prices have been pushed to minimum  and people rather intended to close their eyes when somebody mentioned the real conditions under which the workers create the clothes we proudly wear. On the other part of the world people beg to get at least little bit more humanly orientated conditions to do their job. And the environmental damages caused by this industry are unfortunately irreparable.

And then it finally happened - mum has changed her mind and was willing to create the clothes again. So the daughter, who grew up surrounded by fashion and tailoring, did not hesitate to start to create our brand and do it ecologically.
Our fashion is creative, sustainable, simply GREAT :)

Here we are - for You and our planet!