Unique. Sustainable.
Simply GREAT.

Slovak Slow Fashion brand, that will make you shine.

Eco-friendly with style.

The concept of our brand is based on textile upcycling. Therefore, our clothes are not sewed from new materials but we use the textile that has lost its purpose. We follow the 3R: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

By purchasing our products, you support a good thing - twice!

Besides the environmental protection by the upcycling of textile waste, we are determined to help those who need it.
We have decided to hepl to the non-profit organisation Depaul Slovensko, which takes care of homeless people.
All updates will be posted on our social media.

Our story

"We are mum and daughter who have decided to follow their dreams."


Take a look at our unique upcycled clothes created by skilful hands. Don't hesitate, each product is just one and only!

About our work

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